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Unilever is a British multinational consumer goods company headquartered in London, England. Unilever products include food, candy, energy drinks, baby food, soft drinks, cheese, ice cream, tea, cleaning agents, coffee, pet food, bottled water, toothpaste, chewing gum, frozen pizza, pregnancy tests, juice, margarine (Upfield), beauty products, personal care, breakfast cereals, pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products. Unilever is the largest producer of soap in the world. It is one of the multinational companies and its products are available in around 190 countries.


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Pre-Weigh/Processing Tech III (Former Employee) says

"Terrible workplace. No clear SOP’s. They get rid of you if you do something wrong for which there is no paper trail of previous coaching as to doing something wrong where there is no SOP in sight. Recommend against working at this place."

Light labour (Current Employee) says

"Has a high school feel to it Very much a negative environment They expect to much when the machines are not running properly making it very had to do your job Everyone needs to know what you are doing management hardly ever to be foundN/aHostile work environment"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"I wouldn’t recommend working at unilever if you have pride in yourself and your work Management won’t support you. Managers don’t hold people accountablePay is okManagement, Operation structure culture of lies"

Algida (Former Employee) says

"Adaletsizlik , Haksızlığın Yuvası Tek Kelimeyle. 4 sene emeklerimin çöp olduğu iğrenç bi çalışma ortamı. Insanlık diye bisey yok. Aklını seven yolunu buraya düşürmesin. Ahlaki çöküntü ise cabası"

Manpower Temp (Former Employee) says

"Unilever is a great job is ice cream Factory a lot of great people there to help you on different lines they do a lot of hand packing A-line Tech they more like teamwork everyone works together and stays on pase"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Management at 1 Adams Blvd Farmingdale NY is so horrendous that the average turnover rate is about 3 months. There are cameras everywhere watching employees and they make you feel like a child or a criminal half the time. And all this hassle for under $14hr."

Production Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They promote juniors with not enough experience to Management positions. Managers are the drivers of the organizations. So, if something is not right in Management, everything else is not oil for success. Employees do not understand the value of conducting a proper research. And also , they do not how to conduct a root cause analysis."

Production operator (Current Employee) says

"Millions of dollars of machinery and equipment overseen by comedically ignorant people. Any criticism or attempts to improve anything will be bottlenecked by a select few who are unaware of how something as simple as a changeover is performed while assuming the jobs are easy."

Aseguramiento de la calidad (Former Employee) says

"Yo trabaje 23 años y me despidieron con puras mentiras ya que yo hacia excelente mi trabajo pero el sindicato numer uno y dos apoyo todas las mentiras yni me dieron la oportunidad de defenderme pesima emptesa llena de mentiras todos loz trabajadores unos incapaces"

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Shocking company full of bully management who terrorise there work force speak to there staff like little hitlers .. no uniform the work area was not very clean for a food factory"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Once the long time plant manager left, company started to fall apart, stopped caring about their employees or their families. In the end it was a horrible place to work. Didn't appreciate its workers.payrate, 401k, medical and dental, vacation daysa lot of hours, not flexable, wont let you take vacation, always short handed, horrible training, dosent care about employees or families, high turn over rate for management and hourly employees"

Warehouse and Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Dont work here. They look for ways to fire you and management is awful for real. No sick days and they write you up for everything. So glad Im gone from there."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"This place is awful. Just keep looking. They add more work every day , we don't get promised breaks, management is laxed with they're own behavior and down our throats for ours"

Planificación (Former Employee) says

"Empresa mucho el vivir la vida, eso para mi es decir, tener un trabajo relajado el cual te guste asistir diariamente, tener el tiempo con tu familia, transmitir valores, grato ambiente, etc, etc. Esta empresa como es Unilever, no cumple ningún estandar de calidad de vida, el cual promete para sus empleados, estando fuera de ella, pude ver cuanto tiempo perdí de vivir la vida. Mala empresaNadaExclavo"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"I love the pay but the training sucks and the people are great to work with. On the management side I don't think there is enough supervisor to cover the plant. So there is problems all across the board"

Vendor Representative Stocker (Current Employee) says

"I never got the proper training . They get new manager every other month and they don’t even know what their doing. You have to sale or your fired. Also with this job their racist. Yes two African Americans females were fired and won’t even give a reason why? When asked they say the decision is the decision and hang up in your face."

chofer repartidor (Former Employee) says

"Empresa mediocre que ofrece salarios bajos a su personal de bajo rango como choferes vendedores,promotores,ayudantes y exigente con los horarios de trabajo ya que existe horario de entrada pero no de salida tienes que salir a las 10 u 11 de la noche, no te pagan horas extras. Tienes que lidiar con jefes inexpertos y bajos en su preparación sin perfil de lideres, desde que empiezas con el proceso de reclutamiento tienes que esperar más de un mes para que te contraten tienes que pasar por 3 entrevistas y aparte tienes que ir a que te hagan exámenes médicos ,en el laboratorio te hacen ir dos o tres veces y te tratan mal los químicos( como son gratis los servicios ) te tratan con la punta del pie.cuando haces la prueba de manejo es en un camión chatarra y el que te hace la prueba no sabe nada de cultura ni prevención vial si le caes mal no te pasa. Por todo este proceso tienes que pasar como si te ofrecieran un sueldazo.Nada, ni horas extrasTrabajar 12 horas diarias, miserable sueldo, jefes sin aptitudes de lideres"

Scientist. Development of haircare (Former Employee) says

"Worse company I worked at. Managers have the power against the employees. Terrible environment to work. Very low salary and NO opportunities to grow professionally."

Specification Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Probably a decent place to work if you were to come in as a full time employee off the bat but if you're coming in as a contract good luck. The management doesn't do much training, you'll have to learn most of it from the other contract employee's there as they don't have anyone designated to train you."

Promoter (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a temporary volunteer to assist with the marketing activities. The new marketing activities were to promote a newly launched type of condensed milk."

Former Employee - Logistics Specialist says

"Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. After Kraft rescinded it's bid for Unilever, leadership engaged in a litany of aggressive cost-cutting and outsourcing policies. This was further exacerbated by the decision to close the Shelton, CT office in January 2020. We were given the choice to either commute to Englewood Cliffs, NJ 5 days a week (work from home was being taken away) in an open office, or move aside. Exactly one month was given to make this decision. In March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic forced all Shelton employees to rely upon the same remote working structure that leadership has begun to phase out. Despite successfully guiding a severely compromised Supply Chain through two of the most strenuous and profitable quarters in Unilever history, dedicated employees were rewarded with...slightly extended end dates and an utter lack of compassion. During the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes, Unilever North America opted instead to double-down on it's reorganization plans and cast dedicated employees aside in favor of outsourcing to India and shifting positions to recent college grads."

Former Employee - Associate Marketing Manager says

"All of their awards or marketing statements about being a best employer for X-identity or support for people of color and other communities are all just for public relations. They do not care about supporting, retaining, and promoting employees of color, just checking boxes to say they employed tokens. It's disturbing and shameful."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Was ok till they showed their true colors"

Current Employee - Team Leader says

"Reducing work from home and relocating office"

Current Employee - Mid-Level Manager says

"Company has develop a cost cutting model. Employees are no longer appreciated and the benefits continue to disappear. Senior Managment is on a destructive path for the supply chain with three-quarters of supply chain preferring to take severance than to stay with the company. They are removing working from home and cramming most employees into a single large room that can't house everyone."

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"Horrible insurance. Terrible upper management. No training for employees."

Current Employee - Current Employee says

"A lot of people here do nothing, leading to others having to pick up the workload. Antiquated systems and quite frankly much of the work itself is a result of processes being flawed and colleagues not being so bright. It's a game of hot potato where teams are trying to push off work to others to the point where the team doing the work makes no sense (no correlation to job description)."

Current Employee - Business says

"You'll Get Stuck at Associate or Manager Level or Lower for Years, There are Employees who have been working there for 10+ Years and are still at Associate or Manager Level, Low Salaries, No Upward Mobility. The Shuttle Buses are a joke and worse than the MTA Subway System of NYC. I never thought that any other transportation system be worse than the MTA. The Shuttle stops are limited at 1-2 in the morning for each stop location and if you miss your Shuttle especially if they're crowded and the Shuttle Company is late sending another Shuttle or doesNot send another one at all, you're screwed. You'll miss morning meetings, work etc. which means you'll be in trouble with your boss. At least with the MTA Subways, NJ Transit or NJPath there are multiple trains every few minutes and even if there's a major delay you can exit from a station that's close enough to your destination. Additional Cons: -no career development since there are few if any openings above Associate or Manager-level -no support from Management, HR or other functions -irrational leadership (Executive Management/Middle Management/HR/Comms) - stay far away from them!!!! The turnover rate of employee is staggering Get in, get the experience, and get out. Do not stay as they will string you along with implications of promotion and recognition, but you will lose a lot of your earning potential in this time period. The salaries are also low in addition to the absurd joke of 1-3% Bonuses of Base Salary. Unilever also has lofty goals such as using technology, AI, etc.. Unilever is destitute, has razor thin profit margins and can Not afford even $3000 laptops per employee, Meeting Rooms’ Monitors for Presentations or competent Tech Support. In general, Unilever’s “Technology”, software, systems etc. are 10 years old and Unilever is stuck in the first decade of the 21st Century. It’s a Dead-end company with Dead-end jobs. I could go on and on, but Unilever’s Not worth it to write an Encyclopedia about that’s why I’m actively searching for a Real Job!"

Mike Hadlow says

"I purchased “Lynx You deodorant & bodyspray 48Hr Fresh”. I found it didn’t deodorise and as for 48Hr fresh, I smelt of BO after a couple of hours. Very disappointed."

fingz says

"Bought 2 x 240 PG Tips from Tesco and they are all Defect - Contacted Consumer Engagement Centre with all Mandatory Fields filled in with the Batch Numbers, Bar Codes etcetras and they some days later email me back asking me again for all the same Details already given in the first place, but now asking me to 'Count' each Defect PG Tea Bag stating what each Defect is!

Unilever havent got a Clue about Customer Service and total Scant Regard to Quality Control"

Bas A says

"Cif believes... hello beautiful"

Andrew Adey says

"Be aware that Unilever have admitted in writing that all their Radox Shower gels no longer have non drop valves
This means when you hang them on the hanger all the gel slowly comes out onto your bath or shower!!
Even worse I have told them 3 weeks ago and all they do is fob me off with no response or compensation
Every retailer is selling a product that no longer works and they are lying to us the customer"

D.H. Delfyett says

"There are over 10-companies that monopolize the food market. These 10-companies are actually ALL owned by one company--Unilever.

"Headquartered in London, Unilever and its parent companies are run by a single board of directors, a nonexecutive chairman, and a group chief executive." [2 Corinthians 11:14]

Unilever identifies itself as the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate that has taken over the food, personal care, and ice cream markets--globally.

The company is notorious for circumventing environmental, animal rights, safety and health, and equal opportunity and employment laws around the globe, i.e, olestra, glyphosat, roundup Ben & Jerry, etc.

"Unilever's use of Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells, commonly known as HEK 293, are a ... Soup, Kraft Foods, and PepsiCo) that had partnered with Senomyx."

I also ask myself. If Baby Bell was a monopoly in the telecommunications industry, then how does Unilever get away with being a monopoly in the food and personal care markets.

Aren't monopolies still a huge no...no in the U.S. Especially if they're foreign direct investors.

If tax payers must pay their fair share of taxes or be levied, then why hasn't the U.S. IRS levied to collect billions of unpaid tax dollars from Unilever--foreign direct investors.?

In 1991, Unilever owed the American taxpayers over $5 Billion in back taxes. Senator Bill Bradley tried to collect and failed to collect much needed taxes from the giant.

Unilever shut down its plants throughout New Jersey overnight to show that Unilever was more powerful than the U.S. Government as a whole. (Ephesians 6:12)

Keep on the watch..."

Mr Terry Ritchie says

"Have to say that I'm very disappointed with the pitiful response to my feed back regarding the 250ml plastic bottle containing Simple shower cream. Little more than a standard reply saying how good they are, testing everything etc. etc. etc. They didn't even request that I send them the poorly designed bottle that was all but impossible to open with wet hands (as one may wish to in the shower)
I for one will be avoiding Unilever products from now on."

Hansjepansje says

"Texts "Vegan" and "No Parabens" and "acts of love for our planet" very misleading.
My whole life I suffer from eczema. Four years ago, after intensive research in the "cosmetics series" in the UMC hospital in Utrecht (The Netherlands), it was determined that I am very allergic to the preservative Methylisothiazolinone. Since then I have avoided this ingredient and I am eczema-free. For my children, I have also been buying paraben-free and other chemical-free agents such as Methylisothiazolinone for years because these drugs have also been associated with breast cancer and have been found in cancer cells. A year ago I bought Love Beauty & Planet shampoo and conditioner. My children loved the smell and it was vegan, without parabens and with respect for our planet (at least I thought so). Half a year ago I started using that shampoo myself. From that moment on I got eczema on my scalp, followed by thick crusts, inflammation, and in some places hair loss. My doctor prescribed Locoid lotion for me, a medicine with hydrocortisone (a hormone medicine), which was followed by even more hair loss. Just before I went on vacation last summer, I went to my doctor again, because the Locoid lotion had not worked. I thought it might be a fungus and I was prescribed another remedy. Unfortunately, this was not available at the pharmacy and I went on holiday without medicine, with the idea to buy the medicine in Italy. I went on vacation and took my old shampoo and conditioner (of which the bottles are smaller) from the Grahams brand. After two weeks my scalp got better and in September the symptoms had completely disappeared. Last week I washed my hair again with Love Beauty & Planet and I got a terrible itch on my (still thin) scalp. When checking the bottles, I made a bizarre discovery. The Coconut conditioner from Love Beauty & Planet contain Methylisothiazolinone! I think the texts "Vegan" and "No Parabens" and "acts of love for our planet" very misleading, since they use chemical preservatives. All bottles of Love Beauty & Planet have gone into the bin."

denise mcdonald says

"Several months ago I took a big box of 240 PG Tips back to Tesco as a significant number were damaged. This created a lot of mess as the loose tea got everywhere. The customer service woman took my details - have not heard anything in probably 6 to 9 monnths"

Customer says

Every phone number when you try and reach the Sydney office is wired to an overseas call centre. 30 MINUTES SPENT ON THE PHONE, MAINLY ON HOLD to get a simple question answered regarding an ice cream product; and when I asked to speak to the supervisor the guy with the same voice who i was dealing with tried to tell me he was the supervisor speaking. What is going on with this company?? Also their STREETS BLUE RIBBON ICE CREAM SUCKS!!! THEY CHANGED THE RECIEPE and use skim milk entirely instead of buttermilk as advertised in some batches and try and get away with it from what I understand.
Your customer service sucks, very poor. Cannot get an answer to a simple question regarding your product, therefore myself and everyone I can share this bad experience with will never buy any of your products again you can shove it."

Michael J says

"I purchased Breyers' Oreo Ice Cream and while eating the product I bit down on hard plastic (See attachment). I assumed it was a piece of an Oreo cookie because the product had pieces throughout the product. I bit down on the product again and felt a sharp pain. The upper right tooth was fractured.
I submitted a claim to Breyers approximately 3 weeks ago and stressed that there is pain in my mouth, and the longer I have to wait there is a potential for more damage. I have contacted Bryers three times plus, and each time I was told that they are investigating. It appears that there is no urgency and concern related to this issue created by their poor quality, and refusing to address an issue related to foreign material in their product. It appears that the consumer well being is not of high priority. It is obvious that the product contained a hard plastic that fractured my tooth.

Don't buy from Breyers!!!! They have foreign material in their products and they refuse to take responsibility.
See Link:"

Kate says

"Called the recall line, after being on hold for 15 minutes no music just listening to the same annoying voice saying the same thing over and over again no answer and I get cut off not happy!"

Thomas johnson says

"Please please please fix your application website (unilevergraduates) it has crashed 7 times mid was whist trying to apply for apprenticeships , resulting in me losing all information. Its a huge contradiction that you state that you have a brilliant I.T sector yet you cannot run a server with minimal traffic without it crashing. I believe you really do need these apprenticeships because your staff in the I.T department clearly cannot run something as basic as a java written website. God help them when it comes to more in depth code."

Michael Churchill says

"We unfortunately purchased a jar of Coleman’s Horseradish for a special New Years dinner involving some beef fillet. The sauce was truly horrible, not fiery or even the taste of Horseradish, only vinegar. I contacted Unilever who makes the product expecting them to ask for the batch number and date but no, just a standard letter of apology. I paid for the product it was not free, the very least was to show some interest. Will never buy any products from them again."

M says

"My deodorant can exploded and embedded itself in the ceiling.
I have found their customer service department to be ambivalent in their attitude towards the cost of the damage, the wasted time and the distress that their product has caused myself and my family."

BlueSky says

"So, here we are in he 21st Century and Unilever, makers of Persil and Ariel washing powder and fluid, amongst other detergents, does NOT provide the necessary dispensing items with any of its products! YET, it states, claims - even boasts that there is a dedicated phone line where one can order the bag, ball or scoop for the particular detergent needed.

I did that.... 6 weeks ago! I received nothing, 3 weeks back, so did it again, and both time my name, address, post code were taken and both times I was told the goods would be with me within 5 to 10 days! Last time I was given an apology, but assured that my details had been passed onto the third part dispatch company. Well, here we are again, with a massive container of the Persil Mighty fluid, and having to guess the amount, and pour into the dispenser, as opposed to being precise, measuring and placing in the machine.

1. What a fiasco, and why can't Unilever simply have the items at the supermarket, and charge for them? Then a contract of purchase and receipt is made, and the customer is happy.

2. Isn't this phone call and dedicated team a total waste of time and money? Unilever could give the items away, with the product, and sti;; save money, and NOT infuriate and annoy its buyers.

3. Or is this just a ploy to have the customer use too much of the product, as they have no intention of sending the items?

Whatever, I am fed up, and when I have finished this brand, I will go back to a brand that DOES supply measuring devices! Total madness perhaps a political correct approach to saving resources, gone wrong!


Anti Toxic says

"Avoid toxic, corruption!"

Charlie says

"Historically Unilever has been the archetypal British company - what can be more archetypal than Marmite - or Lifebuoy if you are of a certain age? In an archetypal English building in London by the Thames in a Lomax-Simpson listed building at Blackfriars bridge. Unilever became slightly Dutch - by merging with a Dutch margarine company - the archetypal flea taking over its host.

Unilever's products are ubiquitous in the UK - but however difficult it will be I have decided to boycott 'Margarine Unie, Rotterdam PLC' as it should now be called.

So Unilever = 'Margarine Unie, Rotterdam PLC' as they have decided to move their headquarters there - the third largest Footsie company.

There has been much debate that Google and Facebook should pay taxes where they conduct their custom - off-shoring tax avoidance should be a thing of the past.

Another tax-dodge then with Unilever, moving from its main customer base for off-shoring tax advantages - and other laxer responsibilities. Lower corporation tax?

I bought my last bar of Lifebuoy many years ago.

As from today I have purchased my last Jar of Marmite and many other products."

Richard says

"Not bad products, I regularly buy there, but services can be better,


Raj Aveeral says

"first time I saw a different substance in a purchased Unilever product"

sujay chakraborty says

"Products of Unilever can't be compared with products of Patanjali because of R&D. Unilever is an established brand and it has a proven record. Thanks."

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